Preferred OPM Program

Finding the right OPM can supercharge your affiliate program.

OPM Overview

OPMs come in all shapes and sizes. Over the years Feeds4 has worked closely with quite a few OPMs.  Some are absolutely wonderful to work with while others have a lot to learn.

What is an OPM?

An OPM is an Outsourced Program Manager.  Agencies are paid to manage advertiser affiliate programs.  There are many reasons why an advertiser may want to outsource this work.

Enter the Brand Ambassador.

The one constant if an advertiser chooses to do so is the OPM is a representation of your brand: a brand ambassador.  Advertisers need to trust the OPMs they hire.  They handover a portion of the their online reputation and presence to the OPM who then communicates to publishers the goals and/or marketing materials for their entire publisher-base to use.  Screw this up and you don’t simply screw this up one on one.  Instead one bad email can go out to thousands of publishers and create a nightmare for your marketing department.

We see it from time to time.  Unprofessional communications and or inappropriate behavior that would make advertisers shudder if this was going on “in-house”.  All the email addresses of every publisher in their advertiser program on the to line.  The wrong dates for coupons and promotions.  Stuff happens and people make mistakes, we get it, but advertisers should know that some OPMs are good and some just are not.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Myth: Bigger is Better.

Not true. A lot of OPM agencies think the bigger they get the more value they will add as an OPM. Once an OPM gets too big, they typically lose personality or accountability to the brand. They fill roles with junior level associates who learn the ropes using your brand and marketing content as an education. When OPM owners get corporate, they lose the reason why advertisers chose them in the first place. Some of the best OPM agencies have less than 10 clients.

Myth: Niche OPMs will provide expertise.

Sometimes true but be careful. Niche doesn’t always mean small. Most smaller OPM agencies are hustling business and when your brand is competing with attracting more business. Your marketing material usually take a back seat. Tread lightly here. Small OPMs can be the best of the best but may also slow down the effectiveness or your online marketing efforts.

Reward the Best!

Reward the Best! Feeds4 wants to see the good OPMs rise to the top and there is a lot of room up there.  OPMs that consistently go above and beyond, every day and really represent the good in affiliate marketing should be noticed and rewarded.  This is why we created the Preferred OPM program.

What Does Preferred Mean

Preferred is our distinction for OPMs that execute on a high level a majority of the time. OPMs that communicate well, send out content that is correct and in good format. OPMs that send out marketing materials in a timely fashion or with an implementation plan. OPMs that communicate, provide follow-ups and those who are always looking for opportunities to grow an advertiser’s online presence get our attention. OPMs that don’t overwhelm publishers with a barrage of marketing material. OPMs that understand the needs of both small and big publishers alike.

These are the traits that earn agencies preferred status. Feeds4 is updates our list of OPMs regularly. OPMs do come and go, get acquired and some start fresh. If you would like to be considered for our preferred list, please contact us to learn more.