API Documentation

Learn how to integrate our publisher datafeeds through our API documentation.


Feeds4.com offers the first and only truly elastic API in coupon content aggregation. Publishers can choose how big to make each request and configure the returned response with a few clicks of the mouse.

Most endpoints will send responses in either JSON or XML and each result set will be specifically tailored to the individual publisher using our proprietary dynamic endpoint nodes.

Dynamic API Endpoints

So what are Dynamic API Endpoints?  Dynamic endpoints allow you to choose what data you want in your API response.  Instead of returning a fixed set of data, all of our endpoints are elastic and allow publishers to choose exactly the data they want returned in each request.

If you only need a merchant name, why consume a massive feed with merchant meta data that is irrelevant to you.  Fixed API responses are slow and unnecessary.  Dynamic endpoints are fast and responsive and allow publishers total control of their datafeed response.

Get Started

1. Register for a Feeds4 account.

2. Choose the content you want included in your datafeeds.

3. Add your authentication token and parameter filters to each endpoint url.

4. Send the request and import the response into your technologies.

5. Monetize our content with your traffic.

Subscriber Access

To see documentation about a specific endpoint, please make your selection in the menu to the left.   More detailed documentation and sample code for endpoints can be found in our publisher portal.