API Overview

Learn how to integrate with Feeds4.com datafeeds through our API documentation

  • API Documentation

    1. Coupon Endpoint
    2. Merchant Endpoint
    3. Logo Endpoint
  • Introduction

    Feeds4.com offers the first and only truly elastic API in coupon content aggregation. Publishers can choose how big to make each request and configure the returned response with a few clicks of the mouse.

    All endpoints can send responses in JSON or XML and each result set will be specifically tailored to the individual publisher.

    • api integration

    • Get Started

      1. Sign up and login to the publisher portal your account is approved.

      2. Choose the content you want in your datafeeds.

      3. Add your authentication token and filters to the endpoint url.

      4. Make the request and consume the response.

      5. Monetize our content with your traffic.

    Full API documentation for each endpoint can be found in our publisher portal and accessed by publishers with an active account. Here you can view all request parameters, required and optional and response node definitions.