Subscription Plan: Pro

Our Pro subscription plan is for publishers who need content and a lot of it.

  • Our Pro subscription allows subscribers access to all merchants and their content. The Pro plan was built for publishers looking for a single source XML coupon feed to power their technologies and who already have existing affiliate relationships with merchants. If you need to import large amounts of promotional content from thousands of merchants across multiple affiliate networks but don’t have time for the data entry required, our Pro plan is the right choice for you.

    Pro offers multiple APIs that let you focus on building great products. Publishers can request the Pro feed as an XML coupon feed or a JSON coupon feed. Pro plan features include:

    Unlimited merchant and coupon content, including international
    Verified coupons
    A monthly subscription with no contract. Cancel anytime.
    7-day free trial
    JSON or XML feed response
    Free logo access
    Keep 100% of commissions earned

    Publishers who typically use our Pro plan include

    Large coupon sites, loyalty programs, mobile applications, and software and toolbar publishers. This list keeps growing as more publishers create unique ways to utilize our content.


    $499 per month.

    If our Pro plan is a little too much and your looking for a less expensive alternative, look at our Select plan.

    Questions About Our Pro Plan

    Does the Pro plan include international merchants?
    Yes. A paid Pro plan gives publishers access to all merchants integrated with Feeds4.
    Can I remove merchants from my feed?
    Yes. Publishers can add as many or as few merchants as they choose to their feed. With a paid Pro account, there are no restrictions to the amount of merchants you can add to your feed.
    Can I upgrade to Pro from my Select plan?
    Absolutely. Your account will be refunded the prorated portion of your unused Select plan and charged the prorated Pro fee for the remaining time you use your Pro plan.
    Do you offer logos for your merchants?
    Yes. All plans can access our logos. With our Pro plan, logos are free. has high quality 120*60 .png files for every merchant on our site. If a merchant has been recently added to our service, the logo may be unavailable until it is created.
    Can I switch from Pro to Revshare?
    Yes. Please contact us as further approval is required for Revshare accounts.
    Who gets paid the affiliate commission?
    Pro subscription accounts have your publisher Id in each link so you are the publisher of record and all commissions generated would go through your affiliate network account.
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    • 7-Day Free Trial
    • Unlimited Merchants
    • Keep 100% Of Commissions
    • MerchantSync
    • Free Logos

    • Coupons
    • Shipping Offers
    • Deals (Price Drops)
    • Rebates
    • Sales
    • BOGO Offers
    • Gift With Purchase
    • Sales
    • Holiday Offers

    • Coupon Id
    • Merchant
    • Merchant Id
    • Offer
    • Restrictions
    • Affiliate URL
    • Direct URL
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Code
    • Network
    • Category
    • Dealtype
    • Holiday
    • Rating

    • No Contract Required
    • Free Support

    • Test, Incremental or Full Requests
    • XML or JSON responses

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