Revshare: The Feeds4 Network

The Feeds4 Network offers publishers access to content plus merchant relationships via our Revshare plan.

  • The Feeds4 Network offers publishers versatility between content, price and monetization. We know that keeping quality coupon content up-to-date can take a lot of time. Maintaining merchant relationships on top of data entry tasks can add to this challenge so we created the Feeds4 Network.

    Publishers using the Feeds4 Network get access to the same, great Feeds4 content as our subscription plans but do not have to maintain affiliate network accounts. Revshare plans also come with a significantly reduced monthly fee. Revshare gives publishers the versatility to instantly monetize their traffic with little to no account maintenance required.

    Revshare Features

    Access to all sub-affiliate content and relationships including international.
    Access to all merchant relationships who have approved the Feeds4 Network.
    Great commissions rates
    No merchant relationship management needed
    A lower monthly subscription cost with no contract. Cancel anytime.
    Drilldown reporting
    Monthly payouts
    Free Logos
    7-day free trial
    XML or JSON responses

    Types of Publishers

    Publishers who need both content and merchant relationships.

    Revshare doesn’t make sense for publishers who have existing relationships. If you currently have merchant relationships through your own publisher account, also offers two distinct subscription plans for publishers. Visit our Select Plan Page or Pro Plan Page for more details.

    Subscription vs. Revshare

    The Revshare feed is slightly different from our subscription feeds. Our Revshare feed uses the Feeds4 Network and we maintain the merchant relationships so you can focus on growing your business. All sales and commissions are tracked through our account with a dedicated publisher sub id. Revshare publishers are then paid on a monthly basis for the amount your sub id accrues.

    Revshare publishers are only allowed to access merchants who allow sub-affiliates into their programs.

    Approval Process

    Revshare accounts require stricter approval from We are very selective regarding the publishers we accept into the Revshare program and must make sure publishers adhere to affiliate network policies. Please note that if your account is not approved, this is not indicative of the quality of your website or technology.

    Questions About Our Revshare Plan

    Do I have access to all merchant programs using your Revshare plan?
    Revshare publishers will only have access to merchants that have approved our sub-affiliate network for use in their program. There are only a few merchants that have approved our subscription plans but not our Revshare model.
    Can I choose the merchants I want to work with?
    Yes. Just like our subscription plans, Revshare publishers can choose the merchants they want to include in their feed.
    Am I allowed to change or remove merchants in my feed?
    Yes. Publishers can add and remove merchants as needed.
    What is the Revshare commission split?
    Please contact us and we can discuss the split based on your technology or expected volumes.
    Are logos available during the free trial period?
    Logo access is not available during the 7-day free trial period but once your subscription is activated, Revshare plan subscribers can request logo access in our publisher portal.
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