Subscription Plan: Select

Our Select subscription plan is for publishers in targeted verticals who need specific content.


    Our Select subscription plan offers publishers access to our entire merchant catalog including international content at a very low entry price point. Publishers are able to add up to 100 merchants to their feed and request all content from these merchants. Select plan features include:

    Access to all content, including international content
    Verified coupons approved for use by merchants
    A monthly subscription with no contract. Cancel anytime.
    7-day free trial
    XML or JSON responses

    Publishers who typically use our Select subscription include

    Content bloggers, niche coupon sites, coupon sites that utilize themes, mobile apps, websites that are new to affiliate marketing.


    $99 per month.

    If you need a plan with more merchants, you can upgrade to Pro at any time.

    Questions About Our Select Plan

    What content is available during my free trial?
    All of it. Choosing the correct coupon aggregation service is important for publishers so we give you a free 7-day pass to make sure is the right fit for you. If you want to continue receiving new content after your free trial, just subscribe.
    Can I choose the merchants in my feed?
    Yes. Select subscribers can add any of our available merchants to their feed. Your merchants can be from different categories or affiliate networks or countries, etc.
    Am I allowed to change or remove merchants in my feed?
    Yes. Publishers can add and remove merchants as needed.
    What are the difference between Select and Pro?
    The biggest difference between the two plans is the number of merchants publishers can add to your feed. Our Select plan allows publishers to request content for up to 100 merchants. Feeds4 also has a dedicated Pro feature set only available to Pro subscribers.
    Can I upgrade to Pro?
    Yes. You can upgrade plans at any time. Your Pro plan will be prorated and the Select plan will be refunded for any unused time remaining.
    Does the Select plan include logos?
    Yes. Logos are included with our Select plan.
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    • 7-Day Free Trial
    • Keep 100% Of Commissions

    • Coupons
    • Free Shipping Offers
    • Deals/PriceDrops
    • Rebates
    • Sales
    • BOGO Offers
    • Gift With Purchase
    • Sales

    • Coupon Id
    • Merchant
    • Merchant Id
    • Offer
    • Restrictions
    • Affiliate URL
    • Direct URL
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Code
    • Network
    • Category
    • Dealtype
    • Holiday
    • Rating

    • Logos with subscription

    • No Contract Required
    • Free Support

    • Test, Incremental or Full Requests
    • XML or JSON responses

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