CouponXL Plugin

Import coupon content directly into your website using the CouponXL plugin.

The CouponXL plugin by offers CouponXL theme owners an automated process of updating your website and importing quality coupon content. With a click of a mouse publishers can import thousands of stores and categories and set up scheduling to import coupons and promotional content on predefined schedules, even while you sleep.

Publishers can create a fully-functional, fully-automated coupon site in minutes using WordPress, CouponXL, our CouponXL plugin and web services.

CouponXL Coupon Theme

CouponXL Plugin Setup

You must have an active account to download our plugin or import content.

After your account is approved you can choose the stores you want included in your coupon datafeed. You will also be able to download a copy of the plugin for CouponXL from our downloads page in the publisher portal.

CouponXL Plugin

Install the CouponXL plugin and customize the settings for your website. Once everything is configured, you can import stores and coupons and set the plugin to automatically do this for you in the future. Congrats, you now have a fully-automated coupon site.

Earn Revenue

Your account will start generating revenue when visitors use your coupons. Depending on the plan you are subscribed to, either the networks will pay you directly or the payment will come from us.

Plugin Features

  • Publishers can choose the Feeds4 plan that best works for their account.
  • One click import for all merchants, categories, and coupons.
  • Custom settings for default coupon code text, post status and author.
  • Import Scheduling.
  • Support and future upgrades.
  • 7-day free trial included.

Frequently Asked Questions

All plugins are available from our download page in the publisher portal.

Our plugin can be purchased for $29 in the publisher portal.

There are thousands of different Appthemes configurations but in most cases our data will play nicely with yours. We always recommend backing up your WordPress site before importing data. If you site is new, this should not be an issue.

Yes. Our plugin offers cron scheduling so you can configure our plugin to import coupons at specific times throughout the day.

Yes we do. We want all publishers to enjoy our service so please reach out with any questions, concerns, or feedback. That being said, if the issue is with the Appthemes Clipper theme itself, please reach out to Appthemes directly.