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We make affiliate marketing content more useful to publishers.

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From The Founder

Feeds4 was launched to provide quality, affiliate marketing content to publishers of all sizes.  Feeds4 stands on the premise that our platform was created for publishers by publishers and this still holds true today.

We use the content in our datafeeds on the websites we own.  We are passionate about helping publishers grow and succeed.  Feeds4 is more than an aggregation service.  We are a community of affiliate marketers who continue to transform raw data into usable affiliate marketing tools for all to use.

Steve Wingert

Feeds4 creates better tools so publishers can focus their efforts on affiliate marketing, not data entry.

Our Mission

Our mission is what drives us to expand publisher potential. How we do this is by creating groundbreaking services for affiliates and making our services accessible to all publishers, big and small. We are constantly learning from our publisher community and innovating our platform based on the feedback we receive. We are a diverse global company that strives to make a positive impact in the affiliate marketing ecosystem.

We are proudly headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an aggregator?2019-07-23T11:19:45-07:00

Feeds4 aggregates or combines affiliate marketing content from multiple affiliate networks and offers this data to publishers.  The benefit of using an aggregator is that publishers only need integrate one platform to access content from multiple platforms vs integrating multiple platforms into your technology and keeping these integrations up-to-date.

Is Feeds4 an affiliate network?2019-07-23T11:15:42-07:00

Feeds4 works with all the major affiliate networks and aggregates their data into one platform.  Feeds4 offers a subaffiliate network for publishers to use but we do not classify ourselves as an affiliate network.

What is the core service of Feeds4.com?2019-07-23T11:27:09-07:00

Feeds4.com provides affiliate marketing content to publishers via our APIs and datafeeds.

How long has Feeds4 been in business?2019-07-23T12:16:59-07:00

Feeds4.com was founded in late 2014.

Where is Feeds4 located?2019-07-23T11:04:22-07:00

Feeds4.com is proudly headquartered in the beautiful downtown Seattle, Washington.

How many employees does Feeds4 have?2019-07-23T11:25:58-07:00

Feeds4 is a US-based company and we average between 1-10 employees.

Who is the CEO?2019-07-23T12:16:23-07:00

Steve Wingert is the acting CEO is Feeds4.com.  Steve has been in the affiliate marketing industry since 2003.

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