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The publisher center provides affiliates an incredible tool suite to help maximize revenue and reward your online marketing efforts.

    • publishers apis

    • Content For Marketers provides the most dynamic APIs and coupon datafeeds in the industry. Request promotional content from thousands of merchants in 50+ countries using 18 affiliate networks in the format you choose. All APIs are well documented to help publishers integrate quickly. Helpful source code is also available.

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    • publisher resources

    • Tools and Resources has put together a list of products and tools we use or we think may be of value to publishers. Some resources are free, some are not, and some of these links might be affiliate links. If you have a product or service you want us to recommend, let us know so we can add it to the directory.

      Check out our Resource List for Publishers

    • merchantsync

    • MerchantSync MerchantSync technology allows publishers to import your merchant relationships directly from the affiliate networks. Keep your publisher account and datafeeds in sync with your active merchant relationships across all affiliate networks.

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    • publisher software

    • Coupon Theme Plugins offers affiliates who use coupon themes, plugins to import our content directly into your CMS platforms. We now integrate with 3 of the most popular theme providers and are adding more as requested.

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