Deal Datafeed

Access quality deal content via our deal datafeed API.

Deal Endpoint

API Method

All API calls are made using the GET HTTP method.

API Authentication

Your API token is your Feeds4 authentication token that is passed to our service via the API url. The curly brackets shown are not part of your token and are used for display purposes only.

Base URL:

Append your API token: Here is how to authenticate with the Feeds4 API:{API TOKEN}

API Recordset

How many deal records are returned by our deal datafeed depends on the recordset parameter. There are two accepted recordset inputs: test (default) and all.

  • test – returns 10 results and is used primarily for testing.
  • all – returns all results matching your request.{API TOKEN}&recordset=test{API TOKEN}&recordset=all

API Data Structure

Product data delivered by our deals API is returned in the JSON data structure.

API Response – JSON

Here is an example deal datafeed request in JSON:{API TOKEN}&response=json

JSON Response: Below you will find an example deal datafeed response from our server.