AppThemes Clipper Plugin 3.4 Released

Our latest version of the AppThemes Clipper Plugin, version 3.4 is now for available download in the publisher portal.Publishers using previous versions should upgrade to our newest version as time allows. Version 3.4 offers completely new functionality including publisher portal access. Pricing and Features Pricing remains at $29 and all future upgrades are free for paid Select, Pro or Rev share subscribers. You can purchase the plugin directly from the publishers portal.The admin interface has minor upgrades allowing for publisher portal redirects directly from the plugin. The code-base now supports WordPress 5.4. Installation Requirements Plugin version 3.4 requires WordPress 5.2 [...]

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Adserver 2.2

This morning Feeds4 released upgrades to our Adserver technology,  Adserver 2.2.  A lot was learned rolling out Adserver 2.1. With tens of millions of ad impressions displayed by our publishers, our performance logs showed us the good, the bad and the ugly.  Adserver 2.2 is a natural progression with security, performance and encryption upgrades allowing for faster response times. No Changes Needed Publishers using Adserver 2.1 will not have to make any changes to their existing code. About Adserver 2.2 Feeds4 Adserver 2.2 allows publishers to display dynamic ad units on their websites.  All ad units [...]

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CPP Version 1.3.1 Released

Wordpress publishers using our CPP plugin can now download the newest version, 1.3.1, of our plugin in the publisher portal.  New Features Version 1.3.1 has additional monetization features where allowing publishers to drive more revenue. We have modified the dataset response and transitioned the merchant image from a static image to a clickable image to the merchants homepage. We also converted the merchants name from text to an affiliate links. Both modification will allow more opportunity to generate commissions and a better user experience for the visitor.  This feature request was submitted to us by a long time publisher and [...]

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The Deals Datafeed Is Live

Feeds4 announces the release of our newest API endpoint: the deals datafeed. Affiliates that focus on product deals will love our new deal endpoint as it combines curated deal content from over 500 brands with automation that will keep your pages and websites consistently updated with new deal content. The Deal API The deal datafeed follows our industry leading, elastic API structure with dynamic responses that can be customized by individual publishers. Once logged into the publisher portal, publishers can choose the content they want to receive in and automate the process of importing deals into their technologies. We [...]

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CouponPress Plugin 4.1.1 Released

Feeds4 released its latest version of the CouponPress plugin for Wordress.  Version 4.1.1 improves security, allows for faster imports and has been updated to work better with CouponPress 9.2 and Wordpress 5.x.All publishers using older versions of our PremiumPress plugin should update to 4.1.1 when you update your PremiumPress them to 9.2.6 or above.  Our latest CouponPress plugin is available download in the publisher portal.What's New In Version 4.1.x?Our activation and deactivation methods have been redesigned to leave no trace of our plugin in your environment once it's removed.Bug fixes have been addressed to make 4.1.x our most secure update [...]

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Affiliate Marketing Adserver 2.1

Feeds4 is excited to launch our newest platform update.  Over the last month we upgraded our affiliate marketing banner ad rotators with performance improvements and security enhancements.   Our newest ad server technology has surpassed all benchmarking metrics and now performs 382% faster than previous versions of our Adserver technology. Performance and Security Adserver 2.1 also comes with upgraded security features allowing for better platform tracking and improved communications between our downstream clients.   Adserver 2.1 is proving to be our most stable and secure version ever released. What is Adserver? Feeds4 Adserver allows publishers to display dynamic ad units on [...]

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