• The API
    Awesome content is worthless if you can’t access it.

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  • api code

    Fast and flexible data sets in the response of your choice.

  • api data

    Clean Data
    All content is edited for accuracy and missing data.

  • api nodes

    Dynamic Nodes
    Configure your feed the way you want it and only request the data you need.


You can find specific information regarding our API endpoints by clicking on the view documentation button. General parameters will apply to all endpoint requests.


All APIs can be requested in either JSON or XML. JSON is preferred.


We use token authentication for API calls. Token can be re-generated at any time in the publisher portal.


If your requests are retrieving data that could be cached, we ask publishers to cache the data vs. requesting the same data over and over. Cached data should live no more that 24 hours as our data is constantly updated.


  • coupon api
    Coupon API

    The Feeds4.com coupon feed offers promotional content from thousands of merchants across multiple affiliate networks. All our feeds include full access to international content.

  • merchant api
    Merchant API

    Our merchant endpoint includes merchant meta data to monetize on loyalty sites or rewards programs.

  • logos api
    Logo API

    Our logo endpoint is used to request 120*60 .png files for all merchants in our feed.