The Feeds4 API

Awesome content is worthless if you can’t access it.

Automate your

data extraction with

the Feeds4 API

The Feeds4 API enables programmatic access to our content in unique and customizable ways. Tap into our core services using your codebase and request content from coupons, deals, products, reports and more.

Feeds4 API v2

Our current version of the API is v2. We recommend that all developers using v1 migrate to v2 for enhanced security and faster response times from the API. New customers will only have access to v2.

API Features

Our API’s have been requested tens of millions of times over the last 7 years.  Feeds4 continues to dominate the field with the most responsive datafeeds in the affiliate marketing aggregation vertical.

JSON/XML Response

Fast and flexible data sets in the response of your choice.

Clean Data

All content is edited for accuracy and missing data.

Dynamic Nodes

Configure your feed the way you want it and only request the data you need.

Sample Code

Available in the publisher portal to help you integrate quickly.


All endpoints have extensive notation for ease of integration.

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You can view detailed documentation regarding our API endpoints by clicking on the specific datafeed buttons below. General parameters will apply to all endpoint requests.


Endpoints are specific datafeeds.  Each endpoint (datafeed) can be called separately and will accept different supplied parameters for different datafeed responses.


Some APIs can be requested in either JSON or XML. JSON is required on our premium APIs and is preferred when both JSON and XML is available.


We use token authentication for API calls. Authentication tokens can be re-generated at any time in the publisher portal.


If your requests are retrieving data that could be cached, we ask publishers to cache the data vs. continuing to request the same data multiple times. Cached data should live no more that 24 hours as our datafeeds are updated throughout the day.

Call Limits

We currently have no limits to the amount of API calls a publisher can make.  We constantly monitor our server response times and should we notice degradation, this could change.

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Feeds4 offers the first and only elastic API for publisher content aggregation. Publishers choose what data they want returned with each request and can modify their configurations with the click of a mouse.

Most endpoints will send responses in either JSON or XML and each result set will be specifically tailored to the individual publisher using our proprietary dynamic endpoint nodes.

Dynamic API Endpoints

Dynamic endpoints allow you to choose what data you want in your API response.  Instead of returning a fixed set of data, all endpoints are elastic and allow publishers to choose exactly the data they want returned in each request.

If you only need a merchant name, why consume a massive feed with merchant meta data that is irrelevant to you.  Fixed API responses are slow and unnecessary.  Dynamic endpoints are fast and responsive and allow publishers total control of their datafeed response.

Get Started

1. Register for a Feeds4 account.

2. Choose the content you want included in your datafeeds.

3. Add your authentication token and parameter filters to each endpoint url.

4. Send the request and import the response into your technologies.

5. Monetize our content with your traffic.

Coupon Endpoint

Our coupon feed offers promotional content including coupons, deals, shipping offers, rebates and more.

Merchant Endpoint

Our merchant endpoint includes merchant meta data to monetize on loyalty sites or rewards programs.

Product Endpoint

Our product endpoint includes product data to monetize on shopping or comparison shopping sites.

Deal Endpoint

Our deal endpoint is used to request product specific deals for deal sites and coupon sites.

Need Help?

Visit our support section in the publisher portal where you can find troubleshooting tips, frequently asked questions, and other helpful information that can help you understand how to overcome any obstacle.  You can also reach out to support at anytime.

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