Merchant Datafeed

Access metadata for merchants via our merchant API.

Current Version

Version 2 (v2). We recommend that all developers using the older v1 version upgrade their API calls.


All API calls are made using the GET HTTP method.

Subscription Access

Premium, Pro

Response Structure


Response Rate Limit


API Authentication Parameter

Your API token is your Feeds4 authentication token that is passed to our service via the API url. The curly brackets shown are not part of your token and used for display purposes only.

Base URL:

Auth URL:

An authenticated URL must include the auth token with each API request.{API TOKEN}

API Recordset Parameter

How many merchant records returned by the merchant datafeed depends on the recordset parameter. There are two accepted merchant recordset inputs: test (default) and all.

  • test – returns 10 results and is used primarily for testing.
  • all – returns all results matching your request.

Test Recordset URL:{API TOKEN}&recordset=test

All Recordset URL:{API TOKEN}&recordset=all

API Data Structure Parameter

Our merchant API will send its response with one of two data structures, XML (default) or JSON.  The merchant API can be configured to return XML or JSON using the response parameter.

All data returned in either data structure can be parsed using any programming language.

XML Response URL:{API TOKEN}&response=xml

JSON Response URL:{API TOKEN}&response=json

Sample XML Response

An XML request to our merchant datafeed will generate the following XML response:

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Sample JSON Response

A JSON request to our merchant datafeed will generate the following JSON response:

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