Content Distribution

Our automated distribution platform places your marketing content directly in front of potential customers.

Automated Content

A lot goes into launching a new affiliate marketing campaign or promotion. On top of the massive workload of actually getting the campaign approved and integrated on your website, there is still the task of letting your publisher-base know.

A traditional approach is to upload banners and text links in your affiliate network(s). You most likely will create a publisher newsletter to let your affiliates know about the campaign and any offers that they should promote. Once everything is ready, merchants or OPMs send out the newsletter to their publishers and you should have hundreds if not thousands of websites promoting your new campaign.

While this strategy may seem ideal, the reality for most merchants is…crickets. Your content is buried in an affiliate network that does little to help you promote it. Your well-crafted newsletter sits in an inbox that is quickly filling with other merchants well-crafted newsletters and the chances of it being read, much less acted upon grow slimmer with every minute that goes by. to employees or hiring and training contractors, the ROI speaks for itself.

Seamless Delivery automated distribution platform automates this dataflow. Publishers give us direct access to their databases or use our API to request new content in real-time. Once a publisher is integrated with, we have direct access to the publisher. Your content shows up seamlessly on their website, mobile app, blog, etc., with no intervention required by the publisher.

Network Integration

Merchants do not need to integrate with as we are already integrated with the affiliate networks where our affiliate relationship exists. There is no extra work required on a merchant’s behalf. Merchants and OPMs simply post content to the affiliate networks as they normally do and our automated distribution platform does the rest.

Distribution Platform

Once a merchant has added content to an affiliate network or has sent us an newsletter, takes over. Our platform is integrated with these networks and we constantly request new content posted throughout the day. If new marketing content is discovered, imports the data into our platform where we validate the data and store it.

At this point any publisher using has access to your content. Publishers request content from us throughout the day and your content gets imported directly into a publishers database. There is no waiting for publishers to act or discover your content in the networks.

Publisher Benefits

The automated distribution significantly reduces the overhead of data entry for publishers. The process of uploading promotional content can be a full time position, if not three, for affiliates with a large amount of merchant relationships. Our service is simple and affordable and can reduce 100 hours worth of data entry to a 2 second XML datafeed request. When compared to employees or hiring and training contractors, the ROI speaks for itself.