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Feeds4 datafeeds keep hundreds of publishers up-to-date with approved affiliate marketing content every day.

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  • 24/7 coupon aggregation.

  • API with XML or JSON responses.

  • Worry free, 7-day free trial. No credit card needed.

  • Proven technology tested by thousands of publishers.

  • Top tier commission levels from many merchants.

  • Our datafeeds are used by all types of affiliates.

  • More Than Just Coupons

Feeds4 offers over 32 million product SKUs and counting in our shopping datafeed. Great for comparison shopping publishers or influencers who are more product focused.

Feeds4 offers affiliates the fastest growing aggregation platform available. Publishers receive quality shopping and coupon content from 18 separate affiliate networks via our easy to understand and integrate, datafeed APIs.

Using the proprietary Feeds4 content datafeed APIs, publishers can automate most, if not all, data entry and content management for their technologies.

  • reporting

    Integrated Relationships, Reporting and Payments

    The Feeds4 Network offers our publishers relationship management, content datafeeds, drilldown reporting and payments from 18 networks. Others aggregate content, Feeds4 aggregates networks.

  • content

    Quality Coupon Content

    Our coupon datafeed focuses on accuracy. Every promotion is checked for missing or incorrect data and tested to make sure the affiliate links work and are tracking properly.

  • international

    International Coupons and Vouchers

    All datafeed plans include international merchants and their coupons and vouchers. Feeds4.com has 58 countries “geos” with content in our datafeed.

  • plugin

    Coupon Theme Plugins

    Publishers who use WordPress coupon themes can integrate your XML coupon feed using one of our 4 WordPress plugins. With Feeds4 you can have a fully automated coupon site up and running in as little as 15 minutes.

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