This morning Feeds4 released upgrades to our Adserver technology,  Adserver 2.2.  A lot was learned rolling out Adserver 2.1. With tens of millions of ad impressions displayed by our publishers, our performance logs showed us the good, the bad and the ugly.  Adserver 2.2 is a natural progression with security, performance and encryption upgrades allowing for faster response times.

No Changes Needed

Publishers using Adserver 2.1 will not have to make any changes to their existing code.

About Adserver 2.2

Feeds4 Adserver 2.2 allows publishers to display dynamic ad units on their websites.  All ad units focus on affiliate marketing banners. Adserver 2.2 can be hardcoded to display static banners in a specific location or publishers can use our dynamic AdRotator technology to show multiple ads from different advertisers in the same location.

Adserver 2.2 is included with all Feeds4 paid subscription plans.