Feeds4 released its latest version of the CouponPress plugin for Wordress.  Version 4.1.1 improves security, allows for faster imports and has been updated to work better with CouponPress 9.2 and WordPress 5.x.

All publishers using older versions of our PremiumPress plugin should update to 4.1.1 when you update your PremiumPress them to 9.2.6 or above.  Our latest CouponPress plugin is available download in the publisher portal.

What’s New In Version 4.1.x?

Our activation and deactivation methods have been redesigned to leave no trace of our plugin in your environment once it’s removed.

Bug fixes have been addressed to make 4.1.x our most secure update ever released.

All API requests have been updated to work with our new API versioning.  This not only allows for more secure imports but also faster imports using conventional WordPress hooks.

The code base was also changed to work with the latest version of WordPress 5.x and CouponPress 9.2.x.

Installation Requirements

Previous versions of the Feeds4 CouponPress plugin should be deactivated and removed before installing the new version.  This will help avoid any conflicts from previous versions of the plugin.

If you have not upgraded to CouponPress 9.2.x, you should continue to use the older version of the plugin.


Pricing is set at $29.  Publishers can purchase the plugin from the publisher portal.

About PremiumPress

The CouponPress theme by PremiumPress turns an ordinary WordPress installation into an instant coupon site. CouponPress users that install our plugin can automate their entire coupon data-entry process from start to finish.

Feeds4 offers CouponPress users 3 plans to get your website up and running as fast as possible. Choose what Feeds4 publisher plan makes the most sense to you and start importing today.