• Introducing Pro Accounts With Integrated Rev Share Launches Pro Accounts With Integrated Rev Share In the past, publishers wanting to import coupon datafeeds and merchant datafeeds had two options.  Publishers could choose our subscription channel and get fabulous coupon content for their existing merchant relationships or publishers could select our rev share channel and get the same fabulous coupon content plus use […]

  • New Merchant Mondays: 6-20-2016

    New Merchant Mondays: 6-20-2016 This week saw the most organic growth in merchant additions to our platform that we have seen in all of 2016. We are humbled by such a positive response from the merchant community across all networks. Showcase This week we are going to list a few more merchants than our […]

  • New Merchant Mondays – 5/31/2016

    New Merchant Mondays – 5-31-2016 Yeah it’s Tuesday but better late than never. Here is our showcased merchants added to last week. Thanks to all the merchants who added to your program. Publishers, be sure to log in to the Publisher Portal to add all of our newest merchants additions to your feed. […]

  • New Merchant Mondays – 5-23-2016

    New Merchant Mondays – 5-23-2016 A few of the new merchants added to this week. Thanks to all the merchants who added our platform to your program last week. Publishers, login to the Publisher Portal to add all our newest merchants to your feed. UK – CJ Estee Lauder UK – CJ The […]

  • TradeTracker Affiliate Network Integration

    TradeTracker Affiliate Network Integration publishers with international traffic can now receive content from our newest affiliate network integration, TradeTracker. offers thousands of affiliate programs for publishers mainly throughout the EU. Available APIs Tracktracker is fully integrated with the platform. Promotional content, merchant data and reporting are all available from the publisher portal. […]

  • New Pricing and Plans Take Effect July 1st

    New Pricing for Basic Plans Publishers, Starting July 1st, all SaaS tiered plans will be retired and replaced with our entry level, Basic plan. The price has been set at $99. Current plan members will see our new pricing reflected on their upcoming statements. Our website has been updated to reflect the new plan and […]

  • Free Trial Extended To 30 Days

    Free Trial Extended We hear you.. 14 days is just too short to thoroughly test our service with busy schedules and competing priorities. To help potential publishers out has increased our free trial to 30 days. This should give your developers a little more time to fully integrate our service.

  • Updated Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use, 2015

    Feeds4 has updated our privacy policy and terms of use statements that were becoming a little outdated. Both statements are located in the footer of most pages on our site. Please read and understand the two statements and how they pertain to you. They attempt to clarify what data is collected when you use and […]

  • Welcome Avantlink Canada and Australia

    The new year brings two new network integrations to Welcome and merchants. Pubs can now monetize over 50 new merchants from Canada and Australia and get quality promotional content from these networks. Avantlink is a leader in outdoor and activity-based merchants. With ski and snowboard season in full swing and spring hiking, […]