This week saw the most organic growth in merchant additions to our platform that we have seen in all of 2016. We are humbled by such a positive response from the merchant community across all networks.


This week we are going to list a few more merchants than our typical five due to the overwhelming response from our outreach. Thanks to all the merchants who added to your program.

Plus 81 others!!!

Why Every Merchant Should Approve Into Their Affiliate Program is a leading affiliate marketing content aggregation service for publishers. helps publishers with their day-to-day affiliate content management and merchants with the distribution of their marketing content.

Merchants who add the publisher account to their affiliate program get a invaluable tool added to their affiliate program management arsenal. We work with an advertiser’s current publisher-base allowing content to be posted in real-time on publishers’ websites. Merchants utilizing have their newly created marketing materials immediately posted to your existing publishers websites with no intervention required by either you or the publisher. Our automated and auto-managed content distribution platform is helping more and more publishers stay up-to-date with their advertisers current marketing content.

Merchants can either manage their program directly or we can manage it for them. Our merchant portal uses the latest fraud detection technologies to verify publishers are following existing terms and conditions. With hundreds of internal filters to regulate content access, merchants get the piece of mind knowing publishers using are acting in accordance to their preferences.

Please reach out with questions regarding the platform or the datafeed services we provide for both publishers and merchants. We look forward to adding you as an advertiser to our platform.