Our latest version of the AppThemes Clipper Plugin, version 3.4 is now for available download in the publisher portal.

Publishers using previous versions should upgrade to our newest version as time allows. Version 3.4 offers completely new functionality including publisher portal access.

Pricing and Features

Pricing remains at $29 and all future upgrades are free for paid Select, Pro or Rev share subscribers. You can purchase the plugin directly from the publishers portal.

The admin interface has minor upgrades allowing for publisher portal redirects directly from the plugin. The code-base now supports WordPress 5.4.

Installation Requirements

Plugin version 3.4 requires WordPress 5.2 or higher. AppThemes Clipper users should upgrade there WordPress installs before attempting to install v. 3.4.

About AppThemes

AppThemes Clipper for WordPress turns an ordinary WordPress installation into an instant coupon site. Clipper users that install our plugin can automate their entire coupon data-entry process from start to finish.

Feeds4 offers Clipper users 3 plans to get your website up and running as fast as possible. Choose what Feeds4 publisher plan makes the most sense to you start importing today.