All publishers can now import the coupon datafeed directly into your AppThemes Clipper coupon site using our newest plugin software. The AppThemes Clipper Plugin version 3.1 is now for available download in the publisher portal.

The beta version of the plugin v. 3.0 has tested stable for a couple months so we are expanding the rollout to all publishers. If you are using the beta version version 3.0, we ask that you upgrade your plugin to version 3.1 today as 3.1 offers a couple enhancements over v. 3.0.

Special Thanks

The beta testing of our plugin exposed a couple bugs that we were able to fix. A special thank you to all our beta testers who provided valuable feedback during the testing process. There are literally hundreds of different Clipper configurations used by publishers. Different child themes and a myriad of WordPress plugins installations combined with hosting limitations all provide different challenges that are very hard to duplicate in a test environment.

Our beta-testers allowed us to test many different configurations and get valuable feedback regarding conflicts and errors. Version 3.1 is a culmination of this feedback. If you would like to be considered for future beta testing, please send us an email in the publisher portal.


Pricing is set at $29. The plugin is free for all paid Select, Pro or Rev share subscribers. You can purchase the plugin from the publishers portal or from the AppThemes marketplace.

What’s New In Version 3.1?

The admin interface was redesigned for a more user friendly feel. The code-base was rewritten to support WordPress 4.5.2.

As previously mentioned, the biggest feature in version 3.1, is our new data security method. AppThemes Clipper plugin users can import and remove content even when using multiple data importing sources or manual entry without conflicts from duplicate content, categories, stores or adding/removing your existing offers.

Installation Requirements

Plugin version 3.1 requires WordPress 4.4. AppThemes Clipper users should make sure their WordPress installs are up-to-date before attempting to install v. 3.1.

About AppThemes


AppThemes Clipper for WordPress turns an ordinary WordPress installation into an instant coupon site. Clipper users that install our plugin can automate their entire coupon data-entry process from start to finish.

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