The new Q4, Feeds4 subscription pricing has been set for 2017. During Q4 and as we get closer to the holidays, we see tremendous growth in publishers using our service and advertisers increasing promotional content output. To keep up, potential publishers will notice an increase in the previously marketed price for the Revshare plan and reduction in the amount of merchants available with the Select plan.

Same Great Service

This is the first-ever price increase for We are committed to being the best aggregation platform and value for publishers.

For Those That Supported Us, Here’s The Love

Pricing for all current publishers will not change. We decided to reward the loyalty and commitment that publishers have shown us over the years by grandfathering in the price of your subscription packages. As long as your subscription remains active, your pricing will not increase.

Feeds4 would like to personally thank all of our outstanding publishers who helped create the Feeds4 awesomeness!!!