Learn why advertisers with affiliate marketing programs should work with Feeds4.

What Is Feeds4

Feeds4 is a data aggregation platform used by publishers to manage their affiliate marketing content.  In a nutshell, we provide various data”feeds for” publishers.

Our platform helps publishers automate the process of data entry and affiliate marketing content management.

Publishers only have to integrate with Feeds4 to receive content from all the major affiliate networks saving publishers time and critical resources.

The Gold Standard In Content Aggregation

You care about your brand and so do we.  If we lose an advertiser’s trust, this affects every publisher in our network.  Feeds4 accepts less than 2% of publishers that apply!  We don’t take being a sub-affiliate lightly.

Over 6,000 Advertisers Trust Feeds4


Unique Products

Search over 32 million product SKUs all keyword indexed with images


Verified Coupons

Import over 27 thousand coupons and promotions all verified for accuracy


Curated Deals

Search over 42 thousand product deals all with product images

The Power Of Feeds4 : Automated Distribution

Getting publishers to add your new campaigns and new promotions can be challenging.

Your program posts the new content in the affiliate network and sends out newsletters with new content to hundreds of publishers but how can you get publisher-base to upload the new content quickly or replace those outdated promotions.  Do you follow-up asking the publishers if they received your previous email or instead hope publishers have time to post your content knowing their inbox receives hundreds of newsletters a day?

Feeds4 automates this entire process.  Once we upload your content  into our database, publishers automatically have access to this new content.  All our publishers import our data on a set schedule.   No conversation is needed.  With Feeds4, thousands of promotions get updated so all you have to do is send us your content and we handle the rest.

Learn More About Our Automated Delivery Solution

Content We Help Publishers Manage

The average publisher with a little API experience can be up and running with a fully automated content datafeed solution in as little as 2 hours.

Sample code is available to publishers in the publisher portal.

Integrated Affiliate Networks

Feeds4 has accounts with all the major affiliate networks.  If your affiliate program uses an affiliate network all advertisers need to do is accept Feeds4 into your affiliate program.

We Follow Your Branding Strategy

Our robust publisher filters restrict which publishers can access your content.

Restricting access to marketing content is an important decision for every advertiser. Feeds4 understands this challenge and has developed built in publisher filters that block unwanted access to your merchant content.

With the click of a mouse Feeds4 can block a publisher or an entire category of publishers or open up access to an entire new group of publishers.

Merchants are in total control of who sees what with Feeds4.

  • Influencers

  • Coupon Sites

  • Loyalty Sites

  • Email Marketers

  • Adult Content

  • SEM/PPC Publishers

  • Mobile Apps

  • Toolbar/Software Extensions

  • Sub-Affiliate Networks

Frequently Asked Questions

Publishers use our platform for many reasons:

Ease Of Integration: We make integration simple.  Publishers need only integrate with one consolidated platform  vs. multiple  major affiliate networks that change over time.

Cost Savings: Publishers save time and money on development and data entry costs.

Clean Data: The data that comes from the affiliate networks often contains misspellings and lacks consistency. Feeds4 cleans up this data and provides publishers clean and normalized datafeeds.

Yes and No.  Feeds4 offers content to publishers in one of two ways.  As an affiliate or as a sub-affiliate.

Publishers who are affiliates receive our content with their sub-affiliate ids included in the tracking links.  All traffic, sales, and commissions will be reported under the publishers affiliate id.  Feeds4 only acts as a content distributor and no sub-affiliate relationship exists.

Publishers who use our sub-affiliate network generate traffic and sales under our affiliate id and we split the commissions earned with the publishers on percentage basis.

This is a common misconception.  Feeds4 can block any publisher, group of publishers and even block our entire sub-affiliate network to match your programs goals.  With Feeds4, merchants are in total control of which publishers can access their content.  Best of all we manage this for you.  We also offer merchants a portal where they can manage their account settings and publisher access for free.

Absolutely, Feeds4 believes in transparency.  Merchants can login to the merchant portal and see sales data, the marketing content we provide to publishers for your account, aggregated publisher data, etc.

Merchants also have the ability to edit/remove content that we distribute in case changes are necessary.

Merchant accounts are provided free of charge.  Merchants using free access can view and edit all kinds of content in the merchant portal.

Feeds4 also offers upgraded services, called Merchant Insights, for increased reporting and brand exposure on Feeds4.

Another common misconception.   When Feeds4 turns off our sub-affiliate network, there is no nexus created between Feeds4 and your program.  Feeds4 is simply a content management platform for your existing publishers.

All sales activity, revenue, and commissions earned are maintained between your program and the publisher generating the sales in the states they reside.  Feeds4 is simply a content management platform for your existing publishers to use.  Much like hiring a lawyer or an accountant.

Feeds4 is not a traditional publisher that generates commissions.  We are a service publishers use to manage their content.

The majority of publishers who use Feeds4 will consume our datafeeds and the traffic and sales will be reported under the publisher’s network account.

While Feeds4 might not be considered a traditional active publisher driving clicks, sales, and commissions, please understand we are hard at work keeping your existing publisher-base up-to-date with current affiliate marketing content.

Feeds4 believes in transparency.  We offer a sub-affiliate network so we included this in our profile.  This does not mean that all of our publishers use the sub-affiliate network we offer.

Feeds4 believes in transparency.  We do help toolbar/software publishers manage their content and some may use our sub-affiliate network.  If you do not allow software publishers in your program, we can restrict access to all toolbar/software publishers using our publisher filters and continue to provide our content to your approved publishers-base.

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