In the past, publishers wanting to import coupon datafeeds and merchant datafeeds had two options.  Publishers could choose our subscription channel and get fabulous coupon content for their existing merchant relationships or publishers could select our rev share channel and get the same fabulous coupon content plus use our merchant relationships to monetize the content.  Both options are great choices for publishers who fit into these verticals but for publishers who wanted or needed a little of both, they had to use options that involved using third-party websites for tracking or multiple accounts or a spend considerable dev time to make this happen. Builds A Better Mousetrap

Over the last six months we have been testing our newest and biggest feature to date, integrated rev share.  Our newest platform build rolled out last month offered quite a few security updates, a couple new features for all current publishers and one massive overhaul, the Pro Account. Pro accounts now have rev share coupon integration built in. Existing Pro account subscribers can now log in and choose whether you want to included rev share data in your feed with the click of a mouse.  Publishers needing a deeper dive can read our FAQ in the publisher portal for more information about integrated rev share.

When Pro publishers turn on rev share, a completely new subset of menus and options open up. Our coupon and merchant affiliate datafeeds change at the application layer allowing for new options and features, new reports and new content in your datafeeds.

Pro plan subscribers can choose to operate as before. Just leave integrated coupon rev share turned off and you will notice no difference to your existing Pro account. If Pro publishers want to experiment with the new features, you can switch back and forth. The rev share integration settings do not affect your existing data, they only enhance your current experience.

Payments and Reporting

All Pro subscribers who activate integrated rev share will be included in our payments gateway.  Rev share splits, payment times and methods are all documented in our publisher FAQ.  Publishers can also choose how they want to be paid whether by Paypal, check or direct deposit.

Our industry leading rev share reporting interface is also now available to all Pro plan subscribers who turn on integrated rev share. Commissions can be tracked down to the transaction level and analytics can be run to see what advertisers are performing and which are not.

Say Good-bye to Third-Party Platforms

The biggest benefit of our Pro account is everything is under one roof, after all isn’t that what content aggregation is all about. Pro account subscribers do not need to use any third-party provider to monetize our coupon datafeed content. Monetize content using links and relationships.

If you currently get content from an aggregator and the links go to a third-party platform for tracking, that’s just more room for errors. It’s also more room for third-parties to keep more of your hard-earned commissions.


With this build release, our Pro accounts were enhanced with the biggest platform upgrade we have rolled out in one release. Pro subscribers now have access to content that you can monetize and in some cases will double your current publisher datafeed response plus new features and options including reporting, payments, invoicing and more.

So we considered where we were going to price this new Pro account.  Pro accounts are definitely more valuable with integrated rev share?  More features, much better technology?  But at the end of the day we decided not to increase our pricing at all.

Publishers don’t need to be charged extra for every feature we add. We love our publishers and we are extremely grateful with how many publishers are switching to; the aggregation platform built for publishers by publishers.