Feeds4.com publishers with international traffic can now receive content from our newest affiliate network integration, TradeTracker. TradeTracker.com offers thousands of affiliate programs for publishers mainly throughout the EU.

Available APIs

TrackTracker is fully integrated with the Feeds4.com platform. Promotional content, merchant data and reporting are all available from the publisher portal. Subscription-based publishers should enter your country specific affiliate ids for each TradeTracker region to open up content for the affiliate network.

Rev share publishers using the Feeds4.com Network have immediate access to TradeTracker content. TradeTracker.com merchants are available to add to your datafeed from the merchant panel.

More International Content

The TradeTracker affiliate network integration has already added hundreds of international merchants to our feed. As we roll-out more countries, our datafeeds will reflect the new merchants who have accepted our publisher program.

About TradeTracker

The TradeTracker network offers thousands of international affiliate programs. With such an array of advertisers, publishers are sure to discover affiliate programs that reflect your targeted audience.

TradeTracker knows the level of functionality and detail required to be profitable in affiliate marketing. When publishers work with TradeTracker, they get valuable insights to help establish online marketing strategies that convert. Publishers can monetize international channels that will reward all your hard work.

Join TradeTracker today and establish merchant relationships on your own. Then use Feeds4.com to get quality content through our API or join the Feeds4.com Network and get access to our TradeTracker merchants today