Feeds4.com Basic plan subscribers are noticing their plan name has changed. Let us take a moment to explain what’s the difference is between the plans and what prompted the name change.

À La Carte

Our new Select plan is better explained as our à la carte plan. Publishers will benefit from the Basic plan migration through selecting or adding specific features that are included in our Pro plan without having to pay the entire Pro plan rate. We call these our addons services and they are only available to Select plan members. Why are addons only available to Select subscribers? Because our Pro plan already has them included. As we break out more of our Pro features into stand-alone services, publishers will be able to add these services to their account in the publisher portal.

Select Plan Features

With our new Select plan, publisher can still add up to 500 merchants to their account. Some publishers don’t need thousands of merchants. The Select plan lets publishers choose 500 merchants of your choice for only $99. Domestic merchants, international merchants, specific merchants to one network or one category, it doesn’t really matter. 500 merchants, completely your choice. Publishers can even change them as your site changes or new merchants accept your account. You can read more about our Select plan here.


Our Select plan pricing for publishers will remain at $99 for 2016. Feeds4.com is constantly adding new merchants to our platform and we still feel $99 is fantastic price point for publishers. Basic plan publishers were blown away that we offered so much for so little. Select plan subscribers will feel no different.

select plan pricing


The Select plan was officially launched on May 1st. As we continue our Basic plan migration, Basic subscribers should note this is a phased rollout. We will open up new addon services as they will become available in the publisher portal.

Name Change

When we changed the structure of the plan, we felt the Basic plan didn’t accurately reflect the plan’s new features. In fact the Basic plan was never very basic at all. Feeds4.com will now package all these additional features with our new Select plan. Publishers continue to get the benefits of the Basic plan but can now really customize their unique Feeds4.com experience.