Learn how merchants with affiliate programs can work with and still remain Nexus compliant.

Nexus In A Nutshell

This page will not spend a lot of time explaining what Nexus rules are or how they affect publishers. A quick Google search will catch you up on all you need to know. Instead, this page should help to explain how Feeds4 can reside in a Nexus state and still be able to work with merchant affiliate programs who may not allow publishers into their programs due to Nexus regulations.

In its simplest form, if a publisher resides in a state that has Nexus laws on the books, the publisher may create a tax burden for merchants who the publisher does business with. No matter how publishers or merchants feel about this issue, until all states have Nexus laws or the federal government enacts legislation regarding online sales tax, these rules and regulations must be dealt with.

Publishers Get The Boot

Currently, most merchants concerned with Nexus rules simply remove publishers residing in Nexus states. Removing these publishers will remove the potential Nexus created by the publisher. It also removes a lot of great publishers, like Feeds4, who reside in states with Nexus laws.

The great news: Feeds4 is not a traditional publisher. Our publisher program is mainly regarded as a service that other publishers use to make their affiliate programs more effective. Because we are a service for publishers to use and not a publisher that generates revenue, Feeds4 will not create a nexus for merchants.

But What About The Feeds4 Network?

Another service provided by the Feeds4 platform is the ability for publishers to generate commissions from our content via our sub-affiliate network. By allowing revenue to flow through our publisher account, this does in fact create a nexus in our state. The great news is all a merchant has to do is let us know there are Nexus concerns and the internal processes we developed will allow us to work with your affiliate program and still remain compliant with Nexus regulations.

Contact Us Via Your Affiliate Network To Learn More

We won’t disclose how our process works but if you want to learn more, please reach out to through your affiliate network. can share with you how we are able to reside in a Nexus state, remain fully-compliant with affiliate Nexus laws, and continue to provide your affiliate program access to our content distribution service for publishers.